The ALL-IN-4 system has been created to allow providers of clear aligner orthodontic treatment to optimize, interact, monitor and oversee patients in a high definition, virtual digital environment and complete treatment in as little as four visits.

    Read more about All-In-4 here.

    What is All-In-4
    The system consists of 4 components:
    1. All-In-4 treatment planning protocols
    2. All-In-4 IPR protocols (clustered IPR)
    3. d.MISTIFY Data Capture Kit
    4. Patient Aligner Pouch (Accelerated)
    Practice benefits:
    • Invoke exponential practice capacity, growth and profitability - Offer a streamlined, time & cost-efficient treatment delivered in a safe and convenient setting
    • Simple for patients to utilize
    • Rapid access to quality real-time imagery to guarantee
    treatment predictability
    • Monitor and engender compliance
    • Minimize chair time and stress
    • Engender patient loyalty through heightened interaction

    All-In-4 Treatment planning and IPR Protocols
    When developing a clear aligner simulation using the ALL-IN-4 Treatment Planning and IPR Techniques, you should always consider the patient’s safety, function, tooth vitality and aesthetic results in respect to the patient’s chief concerns and expectations.
    Firstly, create a digital treatment plan as you would normally prescribe, taking into account the following key components:
    • the complexity of the case - facial features & soft tissue
    • gingival biotype
    • bone support
    • anatomy of crown/root
    • modes of creating space
    • need for A-P movements
    • utilisation of aligner features - velocity of tooth movement - aligner coverage.

    The ALL-IN-4 Treatment Planning Protocols and IPR Technique is incorporated once the digital treatment plan is available. The key to ALL-IN-4 is full utilisation of the Staging Panel and the Tooth Movement Table when finalising a treatment plan. Read more about All-In-4 Treatment planning and IPR Protocols here
    d.MYSTIFY Data Capture Kit
    The d.MYSTIFY ALD device consists of a digital light array, in combination with a fan and intraoral mirror. This sophisticated device ensures that the surface of the intraoral mirror (when attached) remains crystal clear and free of fog, due to a powerful light source and continual turbo airstream. This results in easy-to-capture high-definition images & videos on the patients’ own cell-phone/digital camera. Any of the 5 d.MISTIFY intraoral mirrors provided can be attached to the ALD Unit, and in addition, the d.Mistify ALD Nozzle can be attached to the ALD Unit to provide an airstream that is powerful enough to clear saliva and debris from any targeted area.
    Patient Aligner Pouch (Accelerated)
    The Patient Aligner Pouch contains devices and products that ensure patients can optimize orthodontic tooth movement during their clear aligner treatment and enables them to provide easy-to-capture high-definition images and data that will allow their healthcare professional to monitor treatment progress and accurately analyze tracking.