- for use in dental practices

    - for use by patient at home 

    The d.MISTIFY PRO Data Capture Kit features the Air and Light Dispersal (ALD) unit, which consists of a digital light array, in combination with a fan and series of intraoral mirrors. This sophisticated device ensures that the surface of the intraoral mirrors (when attached) remains crystal clear and free of fog, due to the powerful light source and continual 2 speed turbo airstream.

    This results in easy-to-capture high-definition images and videos on either the in-practice or the patients’ own cell-phone/digital camera. Any of the 5 d.MISTIFY intraoral mirrors provided can be attached to the ALD Unit, and in addition, the d.Mistify ALD Nozzle can be connected to the ALD unit to provide an airstream that is powerful enough to clear saliva and debris from any targeted area.

    The d.Mistify PRO DCK is housed in an hygienic, high quality carrying case for storage in dental practice or in the home setting.

    d.Mistify ALD nozzle

    The ALD unit has a special nozzle that can be fitted to create a powerfully directed stream of air into any area of your mouth that needs to be dried, prior to capturing an image.

    In addition, the nozzle delivers a beam of light that helps focus on the target area. The nozzle is fixed to the ALD unit by sliding the attachment arm of the nozzle into the backing plate of the device and seated fully. The air stream and light source are activated by pressing the relevant buttons on the ALD unit. The nozzle and mirrors cannot be attached at the same time.