Diamond IPR Handstrips

Diamond IPR handstrips


    Overview: IPR hand saws are used to produce accurate interproximal reduction in a most controlled clinical manner. Removal is somewhat slower than with IPR burs, yet the incremental removal of tooth structure ensures that tooth reduction is positioned exactly where the operator intends.

    Space creation from as minimal as 0.08mm can be achieved, right up to 0.5mm.

    Once the saw is positioned interproximally, the device is then moved in a series of bucco-lingual and linguo-buccal directions, taking care not to impinge on the patients’ soft tissues.

    Instructions for cleaning and sterilization
    1. Please use gloves for your safety
    2. Diamond strips should be cleaned with water and soap or a cleaning solution.
    3. Diamond instruments are suitable for ultrasonic baths as well, if appropriate clamping implements are used, which prevent instruments from touching.
    4. Avoid excessive touching of the strip and ensure all debris is removed prior to use. Each strip must be washed and disinfected before every use.
    5. Diamond strips can be vapor-sterilized in an Autoclave with steam at 273°F (134°C) for 5 minutes.
    6. Heat or hot air sterilization and thermal disinfection are not suitable for finishing strips.


    Diamond IPR Handstrips