Munchies® EPS in blue and pink

Munchies® EPS


    Overview: Munchies® EPS (Enhanced Posterior Seating) have been designed to optimize the seating of aligners in the premolar region where expansion is often programmed which ensures that pre-programmed forces built in to the aligners are delivered accurately.

    How Munchies® EPS works

    Munchies® EPS have been designed to minimize unwanted tipping movements during arch expansion, especially in the premolar region. These tipping movements occur due to the expansion forces programmed into the aligners being applied inaccurately. Poorly fitting aligners in the premolar region will deliver forces which are too coronal and produce a greater propensity to unwanted tipping and onerous open posterior bites.

    The Munchies® EPS 3-ridged-arm has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of all premolars and extended palatally and lingually to ensure expansion forces from the aligners are delivered as gingivally as possible to avoid tipping and open posterior bites.

    Munchies® EPS
    • Munchies® EPS are engineered using a new patented medical grade silicone material (MVT - Munchie Viscoelastic Technology) with improved tear strength and superior mechanical properties.
    • Munchies® EPS are offered in Pink and Blue colours. The Pink option has a hardness in between the standard Yellow and Orange Munchie, whilst the Blue option has a similar hardness to the standard Red Munchie. A pack of 6 (which includes 3 Pink and 3 Blue Munchies® EPS and 2 carrying cases) is ideal for each patient, with a busy practice having the option of buying in bulk packs.

    To optimize seating, after aligners are re-inserted each time, 30 seconds engagement and chewing with the EPS arm positioned in the premolar region in both posterior quadrants is ideal. Similar chewing in the anterior grooved arms, (both maxillary and mandibular) is then indicated.

    To optimize the prescribed tooth movements, additional engagement and chewing using each arm for up to 10 minutes per day is ideal and patients should be encouraged to follow this protocol on a daily basis

    Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies® EPS.

    Clinical Indications for Use

    Standard Munchies® can be used in simple cases with minimal posterior movements and limited expansion. Munchies® EPS are ideally prescribed for treatment plans:
    •  With more than 1mm expansion per quadrant
    •  Where sagittal plane movements are planned
    •  Vertical anterior movements are required (both intrusion and extrusion) to ensure ideal posterior anchorage

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