Divest Interproximal Cleansers

Divest Interproximal Cleansers

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Divest interproximal cleansers are specifically sized brushes with miniature silicone bristles to remove food and plaque from those areas in between your teeth that are generally inaccessible from toothbrushes. Each package is unique in that it contains 3 sets of differing diameter interproximal cleansers, so that you can choose the correct diameter cleanser to use in specific areas of your mouth. 

The key feature of these brushes is that they have 3 distinct sizes to suit individual needs: 

           - Micro brush (gold) 

           - Mini brush (pink)

           - Macro brush (blue) 

Each Divest Interdental Silicone Brush pack has 10 brushes of each color. 

The Micro brush is ideal for most interdental areas in younger patients and for the front teeth.

The Mini brush is suited for the posterior teeth in younger patients and for most areas in older patients. 

The Macro brush is designed for older patients with significant space between teeth and to clean out areas around implants or bridges. 

How to use the Divest interdental cleansers

  • Start with the Gold Colored Micro brush and assess how it fits in between all teeth in your mouth 
  • Then change up to the optimal size (Pink or Blue), if necessary, that engages as much of the area between your teeth
  • Insert gently and push in until resistance is met 
  • Move the brush back and forth in each space
  • Change the size brush when needed for different areas of the mouth 
  • Repeat after each meal and use in conjunction with Divulge disclosing swabs, toothbrush and floss
  • Replace the brush when the filaments become worn

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