Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover
Tee-MD Rover

Tee-MD Rover

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Tee-MD Rover provides relief from the symptoms of Temporo- Mandibular disorder (TMD) and from the discomfort of stress.

Developed by a team of leading dentists and oral medicine specialists, a unique kneading massage technique is applied by the Tee-MD Rover to the facial and neck muscles.

Kneading is a massage technique in which pressure is applied to superficial and deep tissues. Kneading is a common massage technique used to treat tight muscles, increase flexibility and decrease pain.

How to use the Tee-MD Rover

The Tee-MD Rover is ideal to apply to the muscles surrounding the jaws, temples and neck in patients suffering from the symptoms of Tempero-Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD) and who clench or grind their teeth. The affected muscles generally are the Masseter, Temporalis and Sternocleidomastoid in particular.

Starting with the slower setting, simply apply the device with a pressure that is comfortable to the area that needs treatment.

Once turned on, gently  move the device in a circular fashion around the tender area, noting that the silicone feet will grab the skin and muscles and massage accordingly.

Apply more pressure as you feel comfortable and continue in each area for no more than 2 minutes.

A deeper tissue massage is achieved by increasing the speed of the rotation of the feet and by pushing the device more firmly into the muscle.

This product is most effective when used in a stand alone manner but can be significantly augmented by combining with the Tee-MD Pro+

Kneading Massage for TMD Relief

Kneading is a massage technique in the category of petrissage movements. 

In general, petrissage movements involve compressing soft tissues (such as skin and muscle tissue) against each other and/or against the underlying bone or bones.

Kneading with the Rover is achieved when the facial skin and its underlying structures are moved in a circular rotating motion over the underlying structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones).

The tissue is initially lifted and rolled away from the bone, and then back towards the bone with a squeezing compressive action. Kneading also creates friction on the skin surface,  causing an increase in temperature and blood circulation. 

Kneading with the Rover also helps to increase flexibility of the facial and jaw muscles. The massage applies pressure to muscle fibres, stretching and elongating them. Stretching muscle fibre is important to increase flexibility.
This massage technique can be performed using different parts of the Tee-MD Rover’s silicone feet, depending on which area of the face, neck or jaws is being treated.

Turning on and off

Charging the device

Silicone feet





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