Overview: QwikStrips™ were created to produce precise spacing needed (IPR) for orthodontic tooth movement, especially in clear aligner therapy. The depth limiting design prevents soft tissue injury, whilst the unique handle provides a comfortable grip for optimal tactile control, giving doctors easy access to interproximal spaces. Cutting of the patients’ lips or gums is a thing of the past with the firmly embedded strips.

    QwikStrip™ abrasive strips provide the ultimate solution for performing controlled and accurate IPR. Regardless of the clear aligner system being utilized, simply follow the color-coded sequence guide for achieving the precise amount of interproximal reduction needed (IPR).


    3 different types of QwikStrips are available.

    Single Sided: With the original single-sided abrasive strips, you simply and precisely create IPR as needed up to 0.2 mm.

    Double Sided: When more IPR is needed, double-sided abrasive strips enable you to open up contacts up to 0.5 mm.

    Curved: The curved abrasive strips are ideal for polishing and finishing the posterior teeth. Due to the patented anatomical design of these curved strips, the contour of the posterior teeth is maintained during finishing of all IPR procedures.


    IPR Sequence Guide

    In order to create precise interproximal spaces for any orthodontic procedure, use QwikStrip™ color coded abrasive strips according to the sequence outlined. The reduction process (IPR) should begin with the white serrated strip to break the contact, followed by the yellow single-sided strip (.07mm) and continue in sequence until the desired space is achieved.

    Check the reduction with an approved measurement guide before moving to the next strip (grit) in the sequence. In order to achieve optimal results and for maintaining the proper anatomical contour for posterior teeth, finish any IPR procedure by using the curved QwikStrips.

    QwikStrips™ GuideQwikStrips™

    Additional Information

    For additional information, please visit: http://www.qwikstrips.com/