Munchies® M-Series

Munchies® M-Series


    Overview: Munchies® M-Series was created for patients who prefer to use their devices on a more continual basis throughout the day but which can sometimes transcend the physical characteristics of standard Munchies®. The device is 15% larger in all dimensions than the Munchies® Maxx and incorporates the Munchies® EPS arm to deliver expansion in the premolar area as predictably as possible.

    How MUNCHIES® M-Series works

    The M-Series is a limited edition device made of a Shore hardness that is the most robust of all the Munchies range and is suited to patients that are comfortable with minimal visco-elasticity.

    • The M-Series are engineered using a new patented medical grade silicone material (MVT - Munchie Viscoelastic Technology) with improved tear strength and superior mechanical properties.

    • The M-Series device is only delivered in a discrete and hygienic 3 piece pack, in tandem with either regular Red and Orange Munchies® or with Pink and Blue Munchies® EPS.


    To optimize seating, after aligners are re-inserted each time, 30 seconds engagement and chewing with the EPS arm positioned in the premolar region in both posterior quadrants is ideal. Similar chewing in the anterior grooved arms, (both maxillary and mandibular) is then indicated.

    To optimize the prescribed tooth movements, additional engagement and chewing using each arm for up to 10 minutes per day is ideal and patients should be encouraged to follow this protocol on a daily basis

    Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies® M-Series.

    Clinical Indications for Use

    M-Series should be used for patients who bite excessively through standard Munchies® and Munchies® EPS and require a firmer, more robust Munchie.


    Munchies® M-Series