Munchies® EPS, Original and Maintain Bulk Packs
Munchies® Assorted Value Pack
24 Piece Munchies® EPS Bulk Pack with Pink and Blue Munchies® EPS
24 Piece Munchies® Maintain Bulk Pack

Munchies® Assorted Value Pack

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In this assorted value pack you will find all the Munchies® you will need for every clear aligner case. 

It includes:

  1. 1x 24 Piece Munchies® EPS Bulk Pack with Pink and Blue Munchies® EPS
  2. 1x 24 Piece Munchies® Maintain Bulk Pack
  3. 1x 24 Piece Standard Orange Munchies® and Red Munchies® Maxx Bulk Pack

The offer is valued at $588 and reduced to $500.

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