d.Mistify Relapse Prevention Kit

d.Mistify Relapse Prevention Kit

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 d.Mistify Relapse Prevention Kit contains:

- d.Mistify ALD Unit

- d.Mistify Adult Occlusal Stainless Steel 

- d.Mistify Child Occlusal Stainless Steel 

- d.Mistify Straight Mirror 

- Double Sided Lip Retractor 

- Divulge plaque disclosing swabs

- 2PC pack Munchies Maintain Retainer Seaters

The devices are housed in a superb hygienic carrying case.

The d.Mistify Relapse Prevention Kit is a superb series of devices that allows orthodontic treatment providers to continuously monitor and assess the progression of relapse, the integrity of fixed retainers, patient compliance with removable retainers and oral hygiene.

- Save patient time
⁃ Save chair time
⁃ Decrease re-treatments
⁃ Improve compliance

Protecting optimal occlusion and ideal esthetics after orthodontic treatment is a critical element for all practitioners. Relapse can occur silently yet rapidly and will have serious implications if left unchecked.

The d.Mistify Relapse Prevention Kit features the air and light dispersal unit, (ALD unit) a highly engineered device that consists of a powerful digital light array, in combination with a twin-speed fan that generates a continuous air stream.

This ensures that when mirrors are attached to the device, the reflective surface remains highly illuminated, crystal clear, and free of fog.

Used in tandem with the incredible capabilities of the new generation cameras in the latest smartphones, high-definition intra-oral images are quick and easy to capture, with minimal training for all patients.

Patients can easily share these high-quality images with your practice and allow you to monitor them effectively without the inconvenience of having to take time out of their busy schedules.



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