QwikStrips Ultimate Single / Double-Sided Assorted 90 Pack
Red QwikStrip in mouth

QwikStrip™ Ultimate Single / Double-Sided Assorted 90 Pack

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This bulk assorted pack includes all coloured strips required  both single and dual surface IPR, from opening the contact point up to producing a space of up to 0.5mm

QwikStrip™ Ultimate Single/Double-sided Assorted 90-Pack contains:


5 x QwikStrips White Serrated .05mm


8 x Yellow Single-Sided Super-Fine .07mm      
8 x Red Single-Sided Fine .10mm
8 x Blue Single-Sided Medium .13mm
8 x Green Single-Sided Coarse .16mm
8 x Black Single-Sided X-Coarse .18mm

8 x Yellow Double-Sided Super-Fine .18mm     
8 x Red Double-Sided Fine .20mm
8 x Blue Double-Sided Medium .25mm
8 x Green Double-Sided Coarse .30mm
8 x Black Double-Sided X-Coarse .40mm
5x Purple Double-Sided XX-Coarse .50mm

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