Range Of Motion Guide
Range Of Motion Guide

Range Of Motion Guide

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The Tee-MD range of motion gauge is an easy-to-use device that allows dentists and patients to measure how much movement exists in the mandible, both vertically and horizontally.

A restricted degree of mouth opening is often a sign that muscle length changes from TMD have, or are occurring.

The normal range of motion for opening is 40 to 60 mm. A limited or restricted range of motion (less than 40 mm) is a reduction in an individual’s ability for a normal range of movement. Along with opening movement, an individual should be able to slide their jaw to the left and to the right at least 25 percent of their total mouth opening, in a symmetrical fashion.

When restricted movement exists, an imbalance in the TMJ and associated musculature is present and a breakdown of that system is likely to occur. In the case of the mouth range of opening, when an individual cannot open their mouth very far, the muscles supporting the TMJ are restricted due to pain, strain, inflammation, swelling, injury, disease, or another cause.

To use the Tee-MD ROM gauge, place the notch on the bottom of the scale between the lower incisor teeth. The top part of the device measures where the upper incisor teeth touch when the mouth is fully open.

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