About Munchies

Munchies® are a clinically proven orthodontic enhancement device designed to maximize the accuracy of fit and effectiveness of clear aligner treatment and to provide pain relief during all stages of orthodontic treatment.

Munchies® ensure that aligners fit as intimately as possible, increasing the likelihood that treatment plans will progress as quickly as possible and minimizing the chance of time-consuming and costly refinements and adjustments. Designed by a prominent expert in aesthetic orthodontics and clear aligner therapy, Munchies® deliver specific force profiles to ensure aligners or braces move teeth efficiently and comfortably.

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Learn all about the science behind the Munchies® Family and why every clear aligner patient needs Munchies®. 


Choose the most effective Munchies® devices for your clear aligner treatment. 
The Munchies® Calculator has been developed after clinical feedback and 4 years verification of the efficacy and application of each device. Simply populate each field and the calculator will use its in-built  algorithm to guide you to prescribe the most suitable device for each and every patient.


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