How to use i-PR burs

The two most common techniques employed with these burs is a gingival to incisal approach, (whereby the bur is engaged below the contact point and moved occlusally) and the traditional buccal to lingual method.

Open the contact points with a 0.05mm hand instrument (saw or strip), especially where marked crowding exists. Use of an additional hand instrument to open the space further is recommended.

Once a space of around 0.15mm has been established, select either a red or blue band i-PR diamond.

Choose which length you prefer (3.5mm or 6.0mm) and remove the enamel as needed. Check the amount of reduction at all times.

Finish the reduction with the use of the yellow band extra super fine burs and polish with a hand instrument as needed.

Careful handling of these precision burs is paramount.

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