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The Aseptalign UV Steriliser device is specially designed for disinfection of orthodontic aligners and retainers. These devices can often be significantly overwhelmed with bacteria that can be extremely difficult to remove and if left in situ, can cause decalcification and periodontal disease.

Appealing in appearance, convenient to carry and delivering a disinfection method which is scientifically proven, simple and rapid.

With 6 in-built UVC LED lights, the device creates an ideal 260-280nm wavelength purple light, with a sterilisation rate up to 99.99%. Pressing the “On-Off” button will begin the disinfection process in 150 second increments.

Repeating the process 2-3 times provides optimal disinfection. After the sterilisation and sanitation cycle has been completed, the device will switch off automatically.

The child lock safety feature immediately turns the device off when the lid is opened. To restart simply close the lid.

Aseptalign houses aligners, Munchies®, the BART removal tool and sterilises rapidly.

For more information, read the how-to-use guide.

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