B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)
B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)

B.A.R.T (Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool)

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BART has been designed to dislodge clear aligners with ease, comfort and protection of essential composite attachments which are critical to the success of aligner treatment.

BART is superior to previous generation removal appliances in that it:
⁃ Prevents excessive forces being applied to aligners
⁃ Is specifically designed to remove aligners from the lingual aspect of each tooth
⁃ Minimises the likelihood of attachments being dislodged
⁃ Easily sterilised and fabricated with medical grade stainless steel
- Lasts for the whole length of treatment

Prevention of excessive force
The shape of clear aligners is essential to provide forces required to move the teeth as predictably as possible.

If the shape of the aligner is disrupted, the aligner will not apply the prescribed forces accurately.
BART has been engineered to prevent excessive pressure being applied on the aligners on the labial aspect ( next to cheek and lips) , where most of the prescribed aligner forces are supposed to be applied.
Other devices in the market provide too much force on the labial aspect of the aligners, causing significant changes in aligner shape and heightened risk of breaking attachments off.

As premolar and molar teeth generally have a larger undercut due to their shape, more force is required to dislodge each aligner than if removal is attempted from the lingual or palatal aspect.

The BART device engages each aligner on the lingual or palatal aspect and provides finger tip control to gently dislodge the aligner initially and then to easily roll it out.

Handle Design
By only allowing a finger and thumb to grip the BART device, only minimal forces can be applied to the periphery of the aligner. Other devices use a ring pull handle which allows patients to use their arms and shoulders to apply excessive force and from an incorrect labial position.

Prevention of attachment dislodgement
Composite attachments placed on teeth during clear alignment act like handles to allow aligners to apply forces as efficaciously as possible. They can be difficult and time consuming to place and are often dislodged by patients placing excessive force during aligner removal.

The BART device minimises the chance of attachment dislodgement by dislodging the aligners from the lingual aspect and allowing for them to be rolled out over the attachments.

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