Munchies® 3 Piece Carrying Case
Munchies® 3 Piece Carrying Case
Munchies® 3 Piece Carrying Case
Orange Munchie and Red Munchies® Maxx
Orange Munchie engaged with upper teeth
Red Munchies® Maxx engaged with top teeth

Munchies® 3 piece carrying case (single)

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  • Hygienic Delivery and Improves Compliance
    At the commencement of clear aligner therapy, your patients should be provided with a professional, hygienic Munchies® 3 Piece Cassette Pack.

    Convenient Packs Accelerates Treatment
    If patients always have access to multiple Munchies®, they are more likely to comply with the correct reinsertion protocol and maximize the delivery of the correct forces programmed into the aligners.

    Clinical Feedback
    Over the last 5 years, it has been shown that providing patients with multiple Munchies® increased likelihood of the patient using the device when required, as evidenced by greater rates of expression of tooth movement and a reduction in refinements.

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