Munchies® Aligner Brush
Munchies® Aligner Brush
Munchies® Aligner Brush

Munchies® Aligner Brush

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The Munchies® Aligner Brush has been meticulously designed to deliver optimal cleansing and thorough debridement for orthodontic aligners and retainers.

The dual headed device features an array of longer silicone filaments in the macro head, in tandem with the micro head where shorter, graduated filaments are housed.

The macro head is deigned to fit comfortably into the fitting surface of the posterior section of the aligner and to remove larger food debris when employed in a scrubbing motion from front to back.

The appliance is then rinsed in water and the micro head is placed into the fitting surface of the front teeth. The brush is moved all over the front teeth and into any wells where plaque or smaller debris may be lodged.

The aligner or retainer is then rinsed carefully under running water and the Aligner Brush similarly cleansed.

To verify that all bacteria have been removed from the aligner, we recommend the use of Reveal 270 bacterial swabs and the UV sterilisation case.

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