QwikStrip™ Rapide MAXX IPR System

QwikStrip™ Rapide MAXX IPR System

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QwikStrip™ Rapide MAXX IPR System Contains:

IPR Diamond Burs

3x 3.5mm Fine (blue)
3x 3.5mm Super-Fine (red)
3x 3.5mm Extra-Super-Fine (yellow)
3x 6.0mm Fine (blue)
3x 6.0mm Super-Fine (red)
3x 6.0mm Extra-Super-Fine (yellow)

QwikStrip™ Ultimate Single/Double-sided Assorted 90-Pack


10 x QwikStrips White Serrated .05mm


5 x Yellow Single-Sided Super-Fine .07mm      
5 x Red Single-Sided Fine .10mm
5 x Blue Single-Sided Medium .13mm
5 x Green Single-Sided Coarse .16mm
5 x Black Single-Sided X-Coarse .18mm

5 x Yellow Double-Sided Super-Fine .18mm     
5 x Red Double-Sided Fine .20mm
5 x Blue Double-Sided Medium .25mm
5 x Green Double-Sided Coarse .30mm
5 x Black Double-Sided X-Coarse .40mm
5x Purple Double-Sided XX-Coarse .50mm


5 x Yellow Curved Single-Sided Super-Fine .07mm      
5 x Red Curved Single-Sided Fine .10mm
5 x Blue Curved Single-Sided Medium .13mm
5 x Green Curved Single-Sided Coarse .16mm
5 x Black Curved Single-Sided X-Coarse .18mm

The QWIKSTRIP Rapide IPR System offers the dental health care professional the opportunity to produce rapid, deadly accurate and morphological sound interproximal reduction, which is comfortable and safe to the patient.

This system has been designed by experts in orthodontics and utilizes specially engineered medical grade stainless steel burs and handsaws with robust natural diamond grits. The usage protocol utilizes QWIKSTRIP handsaws and EOCA IPR burs which guarantees the safest, fastest and most morphological correct outcomes.


The contact points (anterior or posterior) are opened with the white serrated edge MIR handsaw, especially where marked crowding exists. The space is initially opened using a 0.05mm single-sided yellow handsaw, followed by the red 0.10mm and then a blue 0.15mm device. Double-sided options are offered in this kit to ensure faster and more uniform reduction on all tooth surfaces.

Once a space of around 0.15mm has been established, engage the 6.0mm red or blue diamond IPR burs and remove the enamel as needed. Using the tip of the burs can result in reduction of as little as 0.25mm. Check the amount of reduction at all times with a quality IPR gauge.

The two most common techniques employed with these burs is either a gingival to incisal approach, (whereby the bur is engaged below the contact point) or the buccal to palatal (or lingual ) technique. Further fine anatomical reduction and polishing can be established with the use of the yellow band extra super fine bur and the wider handsaws.

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